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Restart Live Events 2021

1.    Background

Live events/Conventions/Tourism/Travel/Hospitality have been taking an exceptionally large loss since March 2020 – The losses range in the millions and recuperating is going to take the co-operation of everyone effected. We strongly believe the State of Arizona could be leading the country in the Restart Live Events effort by mid-2021 by taking several temporary steps now to ensure that businesses, workers, visitors, trade show associations all understand that Arizona is a ‘SAFE DESTINATION’ for their events.  

2.    Recommendations/Proposal

The co-operation necessary involves the State of Arizona, Counties and Cities aiding venues, hotels, restaurants, and other trade show associated businesses.

Arizona State Covid-19 Uniform Safety Standards for all venues which would include thorough cleaning and sanitation.

County assistance with compliance officers and medical personnel for scheduled events.

City and State Financial Grants for venues to be able to comply with these safety standards.

Counties need to alleviate some of the financial burden on trade show associations, trade show companies, hotels and restaurants with providing County Covid-19 Compliance Officer Services which would include temperature checks of workers/attendees while these companies are still responsible for PPE and cleaning their own equipment.

State Compliance Certifications with Inspections and Worker Safety Protocols and Covid-19 Training.

Arizona special budget for Arizona Tourism and Travel to initiate a marketing campaign NOW to promote everything Arizona is doing to ensure a ‘SAFE DESTINATION’ for their events.

3.    Summation

Arizona has to budget these expenses to not lose all of the Trade Show Business to other States who have already initiated some or all of these standards – Indiana Convention Center being an example of Government, Labor and Business working together to recuperate losses.

In recognizing the inevitable re-opening of live events and conventions in the State of Arizona IATSE 336 is requesting input and INVOLVEMENT in establishing temporary, uniform safety requirements for all Arizona venues to follow for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Stagehands/live event crews/convention setup personnel and others will be potentially exposed to unsafe working conditions, so we are compelled to take preemptive precautions for restarting tourism, live events, conventions, and meetings. We are willing and able to assist the State of Arizona in re-establishing Arizona as a 'safe destination' for the entertainment/trade show industry. 

We believe a  COVID-19 Live Events/Tourism Restart Task Force is needed that would include businesses, staging companies, venues, County/City health departments and state officials to prepare our industry and venues for a safe and profitable return to work

We look forward to working to working with the State of Arizona and City of Phoenix toward the mutual goal of restarting the live entertainment industry in Arizona.



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