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To help strengthen, negotiate and maintain CBA's (collective bargaining agreements) that give everyone the opportunity to make a living wage and work under reasonable and safe conditions.

on Thursday August 24 by Administrator

A unions main purpose is to provide a group of people who work in the same place or do the same type a work a say in their wages, benefits and working environment. A vote is taken by the group to form a union and be recognized as a collective bargaining unit that their employer is obligated to recognize and negotiate with fairly. The members of the union then decide what they want in their contract or 'collective bargaining agreement' and they vote for a few members 'representatives' to negotiate with the employer. The members will then vote on the CBA after negotiations with the employer to 'ratify' or approve the agreement. The employer and workers than work together following that agreement.

on Tuesday May 09 by Administrator

Basically the law states that you do not have to join a union in order to work for a given employer. Right to work laws are designed to diminish the effectiveness of (CBU) Collective Bargaining Units. From one vantage point why should you join a union when you can benefit from the union contracts without contributing to the collective bargaining unit? There are a few reasons:

  1. Collective bargaining agreements rely on a UNION and a UNION relies on MEMBERS.
  2. If the union no longer has the leverage to negotiate the contracts expire and dissolve.
  3. Everyone loses wages and conditions.
on Thursday August 24 by Administrator