IATSE LOCAL 336 reassumed the Arizona MOTION PICTURE & TELEVISION JURISDICTION in 2013. We currently represent the IATSE UNION Studio Mechanic Members in the State of Arizona. We are looking forward and we are ready to answer your questions.



No, the requisites for receiving an application are 18-month residence requirement in the state of Arizona and 18 years of age. 

No, you do not have to work any specific hours or days to receive an application for membership. 

The easiest way to receive an application is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request an application - including your full name, mailing address (City, State, Zip) and contact phone number.  You can also request an application via regular mail (including the above information) by letter to:

IATSE LOCAL 336 - Attn: Pam Boyd
1145 E. Washington St. Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ  85034


Once the request is received it takes anywhere from 3 days to a week to receive the application via regular mail. If you haven't received the application after 10 days, please contact us again. The request will include an instruction letter, skills survey, understanding letter and application which need to be returned. 

No. The application and forms must be mailed via regular mail and received via regular mail. 

Studio Mechanics are film/media/production personnel that bring a varied array of professional skills to a project they include but are not limited to the following:

• Gaffer • Best Boy • (Electric) Fixture Gaffer • Special Operator/Fixture Rate •  Electrician • Generator Operator • Production Van Driver/Generator Operator • Lighting Console Programmer/Dimmer Board Operator • Key Grip • Best Boy (Grip) • Dolly Grip/Crane Operator • Crane Tech • Grip • Scenic Artist • Set Designer • Set Decorator • Lead Person / On-Set Dresser • Prop Master • Assistant Props (On-Set) • Props Buyer • Props • Coordinator (Carpenter) • Carpenter Foreman / Standby Carpenter • Carpenters / Welders • Painter/Plasterer Foreman • Painters/Plasterers • Paper Hangers / Standby Painter • Stylist (Wardrobe)  • Sound Mixer • Sound Boom • Sound Technician • Sound Playback • Video Engineer/Computer Video Supervisor • Video Assist/Playback • Video Assist Assistant • Make-up • Hair Stylist • First Aid • Set Medic • Craft Service (Foreman) • Craft Service (Assist) • Greensman Foreman • On-Set Greensman • Greensman • Production Office Coordinator • Asst. Production Officer Coordinator • Art Department Coordinator • Set Decorator Coordinator

Camera operators are represented by IATSE Local  600 


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