IATSE 336 Resources/Notices

Creating a culture of safety requires relentless vigilance from every one of us, day in and day out. Please, if you see something, say something. If you feel unsafe on set for any reason, including harassment, send us a tip via the IATSE Safety Hotline at 844-422-9273 or using our safety info app.

IATSE Safety App - IOS

IATSE Safety App - Play Store


  1. Please review the Referral rules in regard to accepting referrals from IATSE Local 336.
  2. If you are referred to a job you may be required to be vaccinated and required to wear a mask at all times per the employer or venue. Please do not violate these temporary requirements. 
  3. You have a 3 hour response time once you are notified for a call either by phone or text - it is very much appreciated if you respond immediately or within an hour as a courtesy so that the call can be filled. 
  4. If you are looking to become a member of IATSE Local 336 please read the 336 FAQ.


Arizona Together

IATSE National Benefits

Actors Fund

Union Plus

AZ Foodbank Network

AZ Dept. of Health

Vaccinations: You can call 480-573-0332 or visit Arizona Dept. of Health

Phone Number: If you need to check in with Local 336 (4 times a week) for DES/UI please call 602-253-4315



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