IATSE 336 Resources/Notices


  • If you are interested in getting on the IATSE 336 Referral List please fill out the following form - Referral List Inquiry and we will contact you. 
  • If you are referred to a call please show up at least 15 minutes prior to the call to sign in. 
  • UTP website UTP Group has the new 2023 Tax forms - NOTE: AZ has a new tax form with new percentages for withholding - if you don't fill out a new form the default rate is 2.0% 

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Please use icon >> button and select Download. Please read and save Referral rules for future reference. 



This is Local 336 Tool List Requirement for all calls. Please use icon >> button and select Download. 


  1. IATSE Local #336 is not a TEMP agencyWe are a union (collective bargaining  unit) that represents workers in the entertainment industry with several  employers.  
  2. IATSE Local #336 is not YOUR employer. We have several working  agreements and contracts with different Employers. If you accept a referral for  any of these companies, you will need to provide legal ID and fill out tax and  union forms for each job.  
  3. IATSE Local #336 will require a 5% representation fee. It will be deducted  from each check and both members and non-members are charged.  
  4. This is not a 9-5 Mon thru Fri job. When there is work available, we work; when  there is not; we don’t. There is nothing full-time here.  
  5. Notifications of work. We dispatch referrals primarily through texts/phone calls.  You are required to have a phone to receive referrals and we ideally need you to  respond ASAP as to whether you will be accepting the referral for work.  
  6. Accepting callsIf you accept a referral for a job, we expect that you will show  up for that job approximately 15 minutes early to check in with the Steward. If you  do not show up for the first referral than you will be removed from our list.  
  7. Availability. If you are NOT available for referrals, please call our referral phone  number and leave a message with your name and when you will again be  available.  
  8. Probation. The first 5 calls that you accept from the local are probation in nature.  We require acceptable clothing for the job, tools required (both covered in the  work rules) a good attitude, ready to learn, ready to work. We will work with you if  you are willing to work with us.  
  9. Stand -By. Stand-By: Is not mandatory to accept but you will have a chance to  work If someone else doesn’t show up for a call - there is no pay for standing by  unless you actually get put on the call; you spend maybe 10-30 minutes of you  day building good relationships with the Local with the possibility of getting on the  call. 

You will need to fill out and submit/email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) all the following forms - please download and save the Referral Rules, tool list and stage areas. 

Thank you for your interest in getting on our referral list.

This is Local 336 Call Steward Orientation tutorial. Please use icon >> button and select Download. 




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