Call Steward

CALL STEWARD - Please watch video first. 


Click on -> Call Steward - Login to go to Call Steward.             

How do I get the Call Steward App for my phone?
Call Steward is available for both Android and Apple.
What if I don't have a registered email address?
You will need to provide us with accurate information to input into Call Steward. Use the form below to make sure we have your current information:

Please provide the following information.

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Email Address *
Contact Phone *
    Call Steward Issue *

    I'm registered but my password doesn't work.

       Press Forgot Password? underneath the field for your Password on the Log in and you will take you to the Reset Password screen - you can enter your Email address and press Reset Password and you will receive an email from Call Steward OR you can press Send me reset code which will send you a text message with instructions and a code that you can use directly from your phone. 

    Can I use Call Steward on my computer as well as my phone?
    You should be able to use Call Steward on both devices and login with the same email address and password.
    I don't understand how to get around the application on my phone.
    Steps are as follows:

    1. Go to Call Steward and choose Language

    2. Enter your email address and password or signin with Google.

    3. You will see the following screen - press CONTINUE

    4. This is the screen that shows YOUR schedule. 

    5. When you press the 3-bar navigation button (upper left side) this will appear. 

    6. To look/edit your profile click on My Profile and use Down Arrow.

    7. Check your information and make sure that everything is entered correctly. PRESS SAVE

    8. The Support page opens a new window and allows you to browse articles and look for help. 

    What is the wish list for?
    In reference to Call Steward it is a call that you are available and willing to work. If dispatched, you will be on time and ready to work. If you use the Wishlist option it does not mean you will receive the call rather it tells the dispatcher that you will accept the call if dispatched.
    How do I confirm a call with Call Steward?
    If you have been dispatched through Call Steward you will receive a Text SMS message:


    Login to Call Steward via Mobile Application or Browser

    Click on the circle button with the down arrow to look at information on the next screen and to confirm, pass or decline. 

    Click on Confirm if you are accepting the call, Click on Pass if you are not interested, Click on Decline if want to refuse call. 

    Received text but there was nothing in my Schedule to confirm?
    Calls time out 3 hours after the notification is sent. If you don't respond in that time frame, your call will disappear from your schedule. If you are within the time frame for accepting calls, please Contact Dispatch and/or Office and advise them that the call isn't showing up on your schedule to confirm. It's important that you confirm or decline your own call.


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